Old McDonald Had A Farm

Hola familias!

Con motivo de nuestra visita a la granja esta semana, y aprovechando que la ultima unidad didáctica del curso también tiene que ver con los animales domésticos, hemos comenzado el proyecto de la granja.
Aquí tenéis la canción que estamos cantando habitualmente en clase para que también podáis ir practicando en casa!

Designing our own robot

The five-year-old children have really enjoyed working by projects. We want to share with you how fun it has been designing a robot. For four weeks we have been thinking about things that we could create with recycled material. We have been colouring cardboard boxes, collecting tops, bottles, yoghurt containers, and, in the end, we were sure that we wanted to have a robot in class, made with these materials. The result has been awesome, and we are really happy because we have a new friend in class. His name is 5B; you can see him in the pictures, or you can even come to our class to meet him!
We enjoyed a lot desingning our robot
This is our robot 5B
We have a new friend in class. Welcome 5B!

My Neighborhood

During the second trimester, the infants classes 5C and 5D learned about our neighborhood. We studied the ways people move from place to place in our neighborhood, such as in cars, on buses, on bicycles, and by foot. We asked ourselves which method of transportation was most common in our streets, and to find the answer, we went outside and counted cars, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians as they passed. (We saw a lot of people walking, but most of all we saw cars.)

We also studied structures and their shapes. We built our own structures using uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. We were able to make two-dimensional shapes like squares and triangles, but we also discovered how to build cubes, pyramids, and other three-dimensional structures. We had a great time!

Walking through the Jungle (PROJECT 4C)

After having learnt lots of concepts of the Jungle like animals, kind of food and environment, we decided to create a real Jungle in the room, so kids proposed to make fake palm trees with silky paper, glue and paints and, as you can see the result was more than great!!. They absolutely love to mess around, laugh about the mess and share amazing ideas (very originals by the way) about how to hang the palm trees from the wall.

Apart from the funny piece of the crafty activity, they´ve been learning colours, textures, shapes, active verbs, cooperative work, creativity and critical thinking.