Playing with Mr Potato!

This week we discovered the classic toy Mr Potato Head. This toy is new for all, so we are very excited and looking forward to see what can we do and learn with this.

We have been playing with all the little pieces, in the circle time first, and then in groups. We have reviewed the vocabulary we already know, and we have learnt new words.

We also practiced new skills like grasping skills, play skill, pre-writing and pre-reading skills, cognitive skills, language comprehension and language expression.

Kids were very motivated to create their own and weird Mr Potato, so you can see here their creations. It was very funny.

Capture the carrot

Here we are with 5B enjoying a new game called Capture the Carrot. It’s full of action and fun, where the kids (the rabbits) have to steal the carrot off the farmers without getting shot (hit with a ball). Will they succeed…….?

Squash painting

This week we´ve been «squash painting». The classes of 3 year olds have experimented mixing colours and squashing them together. It was a little messy but great fun and we had some brilliant results………


La psicomotricidad es algo fundamental en la etapa infantil de nuestros niños, por eso con las sesiones de psico que realizamos con ellos, mediante juegos de equilibrios, con pelotas, aros, escaleras… Conseguimos:

– Conciencia del propio cuerpo parado o en movimiento.
– Dominio del equilibrio.
– Control de las diversas coordinaciones motoras.
– Control de la respiración.
– Orientación del espacio corporal.
– Adaptación al mundo exterior.
– Mejora de la creatividad y la expresión de una forma general.
– Desarrollo del ritmo.
– Mejora de la memoria.
– Dominio de los planos: horizontal y vertical.
– Nociones de intensidad, tamaño y situación.
– Discriminación de colores, formas y tamaños.
– Nociones de situación y orientación.
– Organización del espacio y del tiempo.

Y a parte de todo esto, ¡¡¡¡LO PASAMOS GENIAL!!!!