Our home pets

Hi I’m Sandra and I’m in 5º of primary. I am going to tell you who has got a pet in my class. For example, Daniela has got a dog called King that is a very playful white Maltese. Afra has got a rabbit. Claudia has got a fish. Pablo has got his small jungle at home, he’s got lots of pets, even a chamaleon.

I want to have a pet at home, but I have to work really hard to get it. Meanwhile, I’m having fun with our classroom pet. It’s a hamster and its name is Felipe.



In 1ºC we have a turtle. His name is Superturtle. He is a reptile. He is small. He has four legs and a tail. He has scales and a shell. He’s green with yellow stripes. He’s a water turtle and he likes to swim. Superturtle walks very slow. He’s very cute and we love him.

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Our first graders pets: Gerbils in action!

We have three lovely gerbils, their names are: Black, Toothless and Joey. Gerbils are members of the rodent family.They have a passive temperament and can provide endless hours of enjoyment, watching them run around their cages. Originally from the desert and semi-desert areas of Mongolia and Africa, Gerbils are adapt at living in hot, dry conditions and as such require less water than other rodents. They are playing the whole day long, and for this reason they´re always starving.. We´re really happy with our gerbils.